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Great people.
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On a Raging Bull.
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The Raging Bull Texas Stampede VII

January 14-17, 2010
Starting in San Marcos, Texas

January 14

The program is a little different this year
as the Tourmaster has started the event's activities
a day sooner than usual to make time for some
track time at Harris Hill Road's awesome track in San Marcos.

However, especially for those coming from outside of
Austin -- which is usually 75% of the attendees -- the Tourmaster
could not let the opportunity pass to enjoy some of the fun roads in Austin.

So, with that thought in mind, Thursday's program will begin with
a Best of Austin's Roads run at 9:00 am. This run will start in
northeast Austin and end just outside the city limits in the hill country
after a fun and scenic 89 mile trip.

Of course, as with the rest of the program, this is an optional run.
The Tourmaster will lead this run with 2, 10, or 20 cars i.e. whoever shows up.
If you're coming to the track visit and you've always wanted to drive on
some of Austin's famed roads, just come a few hours earlier and enjoy this
memorable 'tour' through some of the most beautiful parts of Austin.

The destination of the Best of Austin's Roads run is a secret.
This is where we will have lunch.
It's a picturesque place where wine flows endlessly.
And after you've been there, you'll want to make it your own secret.

Of course, you can join us here for lunch even if
you can't make the morning 'tour.'
Just write the Tourmaster so he can give you
some hints to help you find the place.

After lunch, we will head over to Harris Hill Road (H2R)
to satisfy your need for speed.

At least 15 committed (read: paid) drivers are needed
to make the visit to H2R happen.

    Our introductory visit to H2R will include:
  1. an introduction by the track's President of this amazing track and all its amenities
  2. a one hour driver's training class (pending arrangements with a driving instructor)
  3. corner-by-corner virtual "track-walk" introduction to the best braking, apex, acceleration points and driving line of the track.

    Then, the really fun stuff:
  4. Three sets of 20-minute lead-follow sessions1,2.
    1. Each session will have two groups running simultaneously one minute apart.
    2. Each group will be made up of four to five cars plus leader.
    3. We will do our best to group drivers by their experience level.
    4. In order to keep each group together, the pace of each group will be limited to the speed of the slowest car.
    5. No passing will be allowed.
    6. At the completion of each lap, the car directly behind the pace car will pull to the left, slow down a bit, and move to the back end of the group. This will allow each driver to follow the driving line of the pace car for at least one lap. The car rotation will be done on the north straight (the one preceding the hill.)
    7. Some drivers may be allowed to participate in more than one session if there is an opening.
    8. There will be a debriefing and Q&A regarding techniques applied on the track following each session.
  5. Following the lead-follow sessions, pre-qualified drivers1,3 will be allowed to do hotlaps for 30 minutes.
    1. Drivers may be allowed to take passengers1 to ride along with them.
    2. Both drivers and passengers doing hotlaps will be required to wear helmets4.
    3. A limited number of helmets will be available at the track for use by drivers and passengers.

      Dinner will at a restaurant near our hotel.

      The location and pricing of our overnight accommodations will be announced as soon as the Tourmaster settles a bet involving arm wrestling with the owner of his preferred hotel. There is no limit to the sacrifices the Tourmaster is willing to make to get the best deal.

      1. Every driver and passenger who goes on the track will be required to sign a release of liability waiver.
      2. No helmet is required to run in lead-follow sessions.
      3. Pre-qualified drivers are driving instructors and drivers with significant track experience, both subject to approval by the Tourmaster
      4. Bring your own helmet if you are qualified and want to do hotlaps.
        It must be an open face or full face SNELL 2000 or newer rated helmet.

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