Great cars.
Great people.
Driven with passion.
On a Raging Bull.
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The Raging Bull Texas Stampede VII

January 14-17, 2010
Starting in San Marcos, Texas

January 15

The Raging Bull Texas Stampede will kick-off in San Marcos with a Drivers Meeting.

Then, we'll hop on the Raging Bull and ride the beast hard for 264 miles
on some of the most challenging and scenic roads in the hill country.

Lunch will be at a picturesque place on the Guadalupe River.
You're going to love this place.

After lunch is when the Bull will reach its peak of Rage
as we ride him hard, non-stop on the most technical section of the route.

After your tripmeter passes the 250 mile mark
and as the shadows grow longer
you'll be wondering if it's still Friday.
You'll be amazed how you and your car
have survived this exhausting journey.

You will think, "I never knew I could drive my car this way."
That's because by day's end, you will have become a better driver.

Dinner will be at one of the best Italian restaurants in the hill country.

Our hitchin' post for the night will be the River Haven and
Leakey Springs Cabins, both on the Frio River.
Nearly all of our cabins have views of the Frio River.

(Has anyone noticed the river theme on Thursday and Friday?)

The Tourmaster has intentionally planned for the group
to arrive a little early in Leakey so that those who
want to wind down with a stroll along the river banks or
enjoy the scenery from their cabin porches can do so.

But, as a bonus run, the Tourmaster will lead the
'I Can't Get Enough' crowd on one leg of the infamous
Twisted Sisters Loop for 44 miles before getting off
the Raging Bull for the day.

For those interested in stargazing, around 9 pm the Tourmaster
will lead a Night Run to a nearby scenic overlook.
With virtually no light pollution to block our views,
you'll see more stars than you have ever in a long time.

We'll bring the first day to a close by relaxing around a huge outdoor fire.
There will be plenty of chairs for everyone to gather 'round,
several stacks of firewood to run all night long,
and lots of stories of unbelievable feats of driving,

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