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Saturday, July 9, 2011
Rain date is Saturday July 16, 2011

To celebrate the release of the new Cars movie, The Tourmaster has planned a special driving event which will start in north Austin and continue along some of the most exciting roads in the hill country.

The destination will be a drive-in movie theater
-- one of the few left in Texas --
where rally participants will gather to watch the new Cars movie.

Program Summary

For the Love of Cars
Saturday, July 9, 2011, 11:00 am - 6:30 pm
Make plans to join us for a spirited run from north Austin to go watch the new Cars 2 at a nearby drive-in movie theater. A large portion of this run is brand new.

This trip includes:
  1. start with a late breakfast/early lunch in north Austin,
  2. a spirited 256 mile drive through the hill country led by the Tourmaster,
  3. one Raging Autobahn,
  4. the experience of driving the most challenging and scenic country roads in Texas
  5. traversing 8 counties,
  6. detailed maps (given at the drivers meeting),
  7. 4 photo ops (one of them will be by a lake),
  8. a pre-arranged stop for an early dinner at a small, family-owned restaurant,
  9. pre-arranged overnight accommodations with discounts
  10. the entire route previewed for road hazards
  11. ending with lively social time infused with inexpensive and tasty theater snacks, and
  12. watching Cars 2 under the stars. There should be two other movies (TBA) following Cars 2.
The entire trip is organized for you.
All you have to do is show up ready to drive and have a great time.

If you've never been to a drive-in movie theater, you do not want to miss this opportunity.

The late Saturday morning start (11:00 am) is to allow drivers from distant cities to have sufficient time to travel to Austin and not have to stay at a hotel Friday night.

Start Location: Covered garage TBA to drivers who commit to attending.

Dinner: The Tourmaster has arranged for our orders to be accepted in advance so that we have the minimum wait time once we arrive at the restaurant. Those who register will receive a web link to enter their orders.

The Registration Fee for this run is $55 per car (which includes a $4 per car park admission fee.)

Bonus Run: BOAR Run XII
Saturday, July 9, 2011, 6:00 - 9:45 am
For those of you who can't get enough and also who live too far away from Austin to participate in our regular and short-notice short drives in and around Austin, The Tourmaster will lead another Best of Austin's Roads (BOAR) Run early Saturday morning. A large portion of this run is brand new.

BOAR Run XII will start at 6:30 am, encompass 131 miles of the some of the best hill country roads, and conclude in north Austin where we will meet up with those arriving for the afternoon run. The early departure is to ensure cooler driving temperatures and a traffic-free run. Depending on the pace of the run The Tourmaster may increase the route to 158 miles.

Start Location: TBA to drivers who commit to attending.

The Registration Fee for this run is $25 per car.

The Bonus Run will be open only to those who have already registered for the For the Love of Cars run and will be limited to only eight drivers/cars to maximize stealthiness and enjoyment.

Show & Dine: Dinner and Car Talk
Friday, July 8, 2011, 6:00 - 10:00 pm
For those who will be in town Friday evening, we will get together for dinner and car talk in the parking lot. You can join us later if you can't meet us at exactly 6 pm. If you are coming in to Austin Friday evening please make plans to join us for some pre-driving social time. Restaurant Location: TBA to drivers who commit to attending.

Radio, Tires, License, Insurance, and Technical Inspection
  • FRS Radio: At least one working FRS (Family Radio Service) radio will be required in each car for your safety (communicating road hazards.) Your radio will be tested prior to each run.

  • Tires: During check-in all tires will be inspected to have at least 4/32" of tread (measured at left, center, and right side of each tire.)

  • License and Insurance: Each participant, both driver and adult passengers, should be prepared to show their valid drivers license and unexpired proof of liability insurance to The Tourmaster during check-in.
Technical Inspection: Given the warmer temperatures in July, it will be even more important that your car is in excellent mechanical shape (especially engine cooling, brakes, and tires) to endure the stresses from a spirited run. A technical inspection will be required for cars of certain drivers:
  • If you have completed at least one Raging Bull Texas Stampede in the past you will not be required to provide The Tourmaster an official RBTS Technical Inspection. However, it is highly recommended you have one completed anyway, especially if you will be doing both runs (i.e. BOAR Run XII and For the Love of Cars.)

  • If you have not completed at least one Stampede, for your safety and the safety of those driving near you, you will be required to complete a Technical Inspection for the car you will be driving in the run(s). This basic inspection can easily be completed by a qualified tech at your next oil change. Most shops do it for free. You can download the Technical Inspection form by right-clicking this link.
Medical Information Form: Completion of this form is voluntary but highly recommended. For use in case of an emergency, please have the driver(s) and passenger(s) (optional) who will be present during the Stampede complete a separate copy of this form. You can download the Medical Information form by right-clicking this link.

For your and everyone's safety, any driver/car who fails the radio, tires, license, insurance, or technical (if applicable) inspections will not be allowed to participate in the runs.

Program Details
(subject to change without notice)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Show & Dine
6 pm Meet at restaurant in southwest Austin (TBA)
6 - 10 pm Check-in period #1
Dinner followed by car talk in the parking lot

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Start Location: TBA (southwest Austin)
6 am Social begins
Check-in period #2
Tire inspection
6:15 - 6:20 am (Mandatory) Radio test
6:20 - 6:25 am (Mandatory) Drivers Meeting
6:30 am Leave for 131 mile run through the hill country
6:37 am Official time of sunrise
9:45 am Arrive at restaurant in north Austin
Meet up with the rest of the group

For the Love of Cars
Meeting Location: TBA (in north Austin)
9:45 am Social begins
9:45 - 11:00 am Late breakfast/early lunch
Check-in period #3
Tire inspection
11:00 - 11:15 am (Mandatory) Drivers meeting
11:15 - 11:25 am (Mandatory) Group photos
11:25 - 11:35 am (Mandatory) Radio test
11:40 am Leave for 256 mile run through the hill country
12:20 - 12:40 pm Visit to lake park for photo op
4:30 - 5:30 pm Early dinner in small hill country town
5:30 - 6:30 pm More spirited driving
6:30 pm Arrive at drive-in movie theater in Gatesville and park in in front of the big screen

[The price of admission to the movie theater is $10 per carload regardless of
how many people are in your car.
Tip: If you don't want to park your car in front of the screen, you can save money
by parking it in the parking lot at the theater entrance and hopping into another car.
Admission must be paid in cash at the theater entrance.]
6:30 - 8:30 pm Enjoy tasty food at drive-in; hang out; car-talk; meet local townspeople/gearheads
8:30 - 10:00 pm Watch Cars 2 on the big screen under the stars
10:00 pm - ??? Watch second and third movie, if any, and then stay overnight in Gatesville or head back home

After the Run and Movies
You may drive back to Austin (90 miles) or stay overnight in Gatesville.

Overnight Accommodations
Our host hotel for the night will be Ramada Gatesville. This hotel offers a hot breakfast Sunday morning. Our group rate for King and Double-Queen rooms is $84.95 plus 13% tax. This is the AARP rate (their regular best rate is $100 per night.) Our group rate for King Suites and Double-Queen Suites, both of which have sleeper sofas, is $94.95 plus 13% tax. The Tourmaster has reserved a total of 10 rooms, including four King room, four Double-Queen rooms, and two Double-Queen Suites. Please call (254) 865-1207 and specify the Raging Bull Texas Stampede group to get our group rate. If you run into any trouble with getting the room type you prefer, please ask to speak to Jay Patel (Hotel Mgr.) or Reshma Patel(his wife.) Contact The Tourmaster if more rooms need to be blocked.

As an alternative, you may stay at The Regency Inn. Their rate is $60 per night (this is their regular online rate), they do not offer any breakfast (just coffee), and the rooms are not as nice as the much newer Ramada.

Registration will be completed during check-in times. The Registration Fees1 are as follows:
  • For the Love of Cars ($55 per car which includes a $4 per car park admission fee)
  • BOAR Run XII ($25 per car)
Registration Fees may be paid via cash or personal check.

(1) Please note that the Registration Fee does not include the cost of overnight accommodations, dining, gas or any of your other personal expenses.

If You Want to Attend, Do the Following:

1. RSVP your attendance to The Tourmaster and everyone else by clicking here. Please email The Tourmaster the following information:

- Your first and last name
- First and last name of your passenger(s)
- Alias to be used in the public RSVP list
- Year, make, and model of your car
- Events you plan to attend: 1. For the Love of Cars, 2. BOAR Run XII, 3. Show & Dine
- City you are coming from
- Your cell phone number
- The name and phone number of two emergency contacts

View RSVPs received

2. Make sure that your car is in excellent mechanical shape (especially engine cooling, brakes, and tires) to endure the stresses from a spirited run.

3. If you will be staying overnight in Gatesville, please make your room reservation. See the section titled, "Overnight Accommodations" above.

4. Arrive at one of the check-in times (see Program above) with the following items:
  • Registration Fee(s) (cash or personal check)
  • at least one working FRS radio for testing
  • driver's license and proof of liability insurance in hand (driver and every passenger)
  • Technical Inspection form (if required)
  • Medical Information form (optional)
It would be helpful to The Tourmaster if you would hand over your fee payment and forms (if any) in an envelope with your name on it.

5. Meet and mingle with everyone and get ready for some fun driving!

Have a question? Email the Tourmaster.

The Drive-In Movie Theater Experience

The quintessential drive-in experience is something
that's almost disappeared now; many under the age of 30
have probably never seen a movie under the stars in a car.

Come join us for a blast to the past.
Re-live the memories of going to a drive-in or
experience for the first time how your parents
used to watch all of the wonders from Hollywood
under a canopy no movie theather can duplicate:
the central Texas night sky.


Preparation for Drive-In Movie Theater
  • Bring your chairs and whatever refreshments you want to have. All kinds of drinks, popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, snacks, candy and much are available from the concession stand.

  • Bring a jacket and blanket in case it gets a little chilly at the drive-in theater (one can dream)

  • Cost of admission to drive-in movie theater is $10 per carload for both movies. So bring as many people as you can!

  • The drive-in does not accept credit cards so please bring enough cash for admission and concession purchases.

Drive-In Dos and Don'ts
  • DO bring bug spray.

  • DO bring lawn chairs.

  • DO bring a jam box. Even the best car stereos can sound muddy when you're sitting in front of the car. A jam box with radio behind your head can bring out the finer subtleties of dialogue.

  • DO feel comfortable socializing with your fellow movie-goers beforehand, but be considerate after the movie has started.

  • DON'T bring a laser pointer. That's just rude, and can get you thrown right out.

  • DON'T let your kids run amok while the movie is running.

  • DON'T leave your dome light on. If you keep the doors open, figure out some way to kill the dome light.

  • DON'T turn on your headlights if you leave the drive-in early; use your parking lights.

  • DON'T honk if there's a projector problem. It's not clever, it's just rude.

The lot is beginning to fill up on a Saturday night.

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The rest of his artwork can be viewed at
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